Taperapuan beach, north shore of Porto Seguro - BA - Brazil!

Know our beach!

We are located on Taperapuan beach!

Porto Seguro is today one of the most popular resorts in Brazil and also the fastest growing. His exuberant nature still keeps many of the features described in the famous letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha, an important part in the history of Brazil. To date Porto Seguro conserves its original character whose nature reigns supreme. If still not enough historical force, his monuments, houses and squares, Porto Seguro has a plenty of beaches, Ponta Grande to Caraíva, passing through Arraial d Ajuda, Praia do Espelho and Trancoso, of the quietest up to the liveliest, but always clean and unpolluted.

Portinari Residence is located in Taperapuan Beach, offers calm waters allowing sports for adults, games with the kids, and what more the imagination want to practice!
For food, it is difficult to choose the best restaurant among many seaside with wonderful views!